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House Sitting and Pet Care

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Services & Tariff

Barney enjoying the sea at Bream CoveBarney enjoying the sea at Bream Cove

For your security, there will be no advertising on my vehicle.
These services are totally flexible and will be adapted to suit your personal requirements. The price will reflect the number and size of pets and additional duties requested.

Initial Consultation

I will arrange a free consultation visit to meet you and your pets and discuss the details of your booking prior to confirmation.
Price - Free


Whether you are on holiday or called away unexpectedly this service offers you complete peace of mind that your pets are cared for without any upheaval and your home is secure in your absence. I will stay in your home overnight so that your pets are not left alone and can maintain their usual routines. This package can include:
  • Feeding and watering pets
  • Administration of pets medication
  • Cleaning out litter trays or cages
  • Daily dog walks up to 1 hour
  • Pets playtime!
  • Towelling down and grooming if the walk is wet
  • Bringing in post and putting out bins for rubbish and recycling
  • Switching lights on and closing curtains at night
  • Watering plants
Price - from £ 65.00

Small Holdings

I can care for horses, ponies, goats, sheep, chickens and geese. This service can include feeding and watering, cleaning stables and animal houses, collecting eggs and basic grooming to maintain your morning and evening routines. Due to insurance conditions, I cannot ride or exercise horses.
Price - from £ 11.00 per visit
Overnight stay by arrangement.

Drop in Service

I will visit your pet at home for feeding, watering, cleaning litter trays or cages, providing comfort breaks, walks or playtime. However, this service is not suitable for dogs if you are going to be away on holiday and your pet is alone overnight. For other animals I can provide this service and also give your home that ‘lived in’ look while you are away such as bringing in post, opening and closing curtains and watering houseplants.
Price - from £ 11.00 per visit

Dog Walking

I offer walks for individual dogs and those from the same household. Walks can be for as long as you wish and charged per hour or half hour. The walk includes towelling down afterwards, if necessary. Small walks would be in the local area and longer walks could be to a country park, costal or woodland type area. Just let me know your dog’s favourite locations!
Price - £ 11.00 per hour
2nd dog from same household half price
Let me look after your house and care for your pets    -    Providing the care when you can't be there .    

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